Best Fencing Academy in Winter Park

Resolute Sport Fencing

Resolute Sport Fencing

Jan 13, 2020

Why is Resolute Sport Fencing the best fencing academy in Winter Park? What can the best fencing academy in the area do for you in your everyday life? Well, I’m here to tell you. To start off, here at Resolute Sport Fencing our instructors have dedicated themselves to bringing out the best in all our future fencing athletes and participants. Our Resolute Sport Fencing instructors have years of experience in the art of fencing. They have moved into the stage of competitions becoming national and world cup competitors. We have won multiple awards and medals at local, regional and national championship levels.

Art of Fencing At Resolute Sport Fencing

The sport of Fencing not only teaches you how to hold a sword properly, but it teaches you accuracy, agility, and physical pliability. At Resolute Sport Fencing, we show you how fencing can increase your mental and physical lifestyle to give you a more confident step to your walk. How does fencing give you more confidence? Well for starters, there are three types of weapons used when practicing the art of fencing. They are called the Sabre, the Epee and the Foil. Each of these weapons teaches you different techniques and enhances different skills when embracing the art of fencing. Changing from one style to another not only gives you a challenge but gives you a chance to learn multiple different skills only possible by having the confidence to challenge your limits.

Confidence Booster

Learning multiple skills and increasing your knowledge of the art will help bring out the best side of you. Most of our current and past students mentioned fencing helps bring out a more accomplished and successful side of them. Let me make this clear though achieving this level of accomplishment doesn’t come easy, a lot of it solely depends on you and your level of ambition. Furthermore, this feeling won’t just make you a happier individual but will help inspire your family and friends to see a goal then crush that goal.

Best Teachers in Winter Park

Our classes are for ages 6 and up. The fencing classes start off with our basic fencing course where we teach you the beginning basics of the sport. Starting with how to properly hold the weapon in the proper manner to guarding yourself and hitting your opponent in the proper target areas. As you grow in your skills and training you will be able to attend tournaments and will eventually increase our competition courses. Resolute Sport Fencing has been taking its students and pushing them to their limits.

Have you always wanted to try fencing? Stay on top of all things fencing! Keep up on exciting fencing tips, news and updates from Resolute Sport Fencing. Have you always wanted to try fencing? Resolute Sport Fencing is a top-notch Orlando Fencing School that offers basic, intermediate and competitive classes. Take classes from our Master Coach, Aleksandr Gromov. To schedule an appointment for get more information, call (407) 221-7991 or email