Learning Discipline Through Sport

Resolute Sport Fencing

Resolute Sport Fencing

Jan 28, 2020

One of the great ways to discipline children through sport: Fencing! Children can be very difficult to handle at times. But how can you teach them in a manner that won’t harm and affect them in the future? One of the most common of answers is Sports!! All sports can teach your child the respect and discipline to help them preform to their best abilities and overall happiness. But one of the greatest sports that is not the most common when teaching your child discipline and respect is Fencing! Fencing has all the abilities to provide your child with lessons they can and will use throughout not only their careers but in life.

How we can help!

Resolute Sport Fencing is Orlando’s number one top fencing academy! They not only teach your child the art of fencing, but they teach them the life lessons they need to succeed inside of teaching the sport. Resolute Sport Fencing has had students who even went to play on and in the Olympics! Their students have also won numerous medals at local and regional fencing competitions. Resolute Sport Fencing has students that have even won medals at national championships! The master coach has had over 20 years of coaching experience in fencing and has coached numerous fencers who have won multiple national championships!

Our courses

Resolute Sport Fencing courses have all levels of classes for new or experienced students. Their classes will teach your child not just discipline but respect, agility and focus. Their goals are not only to make your children great at fencing but to help guide them in the right path. They strive to not only create incredible talented athletes but to help them take the things they learn and incorporate that into their everyday world. Your children will be and behave and be the best they ever have.

Their futures

Fencing doesn’t only just have to be for discipline, it can also just be for fun too. Resolute Sport Fencing could help your children get scholarships to amazing top universities. College is a very serious and important time in a student’s life, and it can be very difficult for them to pick out the career that best suits them. Fencing not only gives them all these wonderful life lessons but can also inspire them to have fencing as a full-time hobby or maybe even career.

Overall Fencing might be able to help you and your kids have a better and healthier relationship. Learning fencing can help them academically, socially and can help them stay in the moment of whatever they might be doing or going through. Fencing has so many possible skills to help your son or daughter become the best they can in their future life.